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1st-Jan-2025 01:00 am - Are You Looking For My Fanfics?
Well then please head on over to My AO3.

Almost all of the fics i have written are there. and available for download!
If you would like to translate or Pod fic one of my fics please feel free to do so just be sure to send me a link to the completed project :)
10th-Jul-2015 05:01 am(no subject)
Someone has posted my work on tumblr with out my prmission. I am very upset because I no longer have control over my writing. it can be passed along at will now. had they asked me I would have suggested they put a link to the drabble.
they credited me for it, which was good but I'm still upset.

here is the aforementioned post:
10th-May-2013 11:39 am - Happy Birthday!
There are a lot of april birthdays this week! :)
So I extend my best birthday wishes wishes to:
starstruck1986, lapetitemort, hull1984 and pollyandra.
I hope you have/had very happy birtdays and delicious cake and see many more birthdays!

4th-Apr-2013 03:43 am - Addictions, i have a few...
I've got an addictive personality. That's why I've never tried weed, I don't drink and i generally stay away from things that can kill me in excess. I've always tended to get obsessed with things, my intrest/like runs hot or cold everything or nothing and there are almost no in betweens.
yarn, bigbangs and smashburgerCollapse )
If you wear glasses and you had pink eye make sure to dis infect your glasses. I didn't and i manged to give my self pink eye again.
Funny thing about it is, i changed my towel, pillows cases and sheets and washed my hands constantly but i never even thought for a second about my glasses.

On to the next subject. Catching up with fandom is hard!!!
I'm trying to read everything and new things keep showing up! Also, Big Bangs. The way i was addicted to fests i am now addicted to Big bangs, and really, I've got to stop that school is giving me a heavy enough work load! lol, I'm  glutton for punishment these days!
25th-Mar-2013 08:10 pm - FEELINGS
Does anyone else watch Downton Abbey?
This show is the best. like seriously unparalleled in acting and Drama. MY feelings do all kinds of things and right now i want to cry both happy tears and sad ones because OMG! It's so perfect and painful and totally true to life in soooooo many ways. <3 even if it's a period drama.

Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE Sybil, William, Mr. Bates and Anna.

This is the first show where i acually LOVE the cannon ships because Anna/Mr BAtes is just too precious and perfect <3
I'm filled with squee!

TImes like this I wish i knew how to work tumblr so i could squee there too!
10th-Mar-2013 12:11 am - I'm Back!!!
Hi everyone! It's been ages and ages and ages!

My laptop had some major issues (no battery and a fried screen) and for my birthday the most wonderful big sister in the world had it repaired for me :D so I'm backl! Or as back as i can be with school in full swing! Goodness have i missed a hell of a lot!

I hope you are all well and thanks so much to meus_venator, hull1984 and dogsunderfoot for the birthday well wishes *Hugs hugs hugs* :)

How is everyone? s everyone still around or have they moved on? what the fuck is going on with my friends page and how do i fix it?
27th-Dec-2012 12:18 am - Happy holidays people i adore!!!
Happy holidays!
Sorry i missed so much :( I was laid up with phanomnia (never fun)
I hope you all had a lovely few days/weeks.

For those of you who sent me cards; Thank You They were lovely and made me giggle shamelessly while i was doped up on meds.

Hugs hugs and more hugs!!

by the way what the hell is up with LJ's new posting format? It's freaky.
21st-Nov-2012 12:55 pm - THank you!
I just saw my profile page and noticed the V gifts! (I'm so late)
Thank you so much for the pumpkin cookies <3
Hugs for Kat and lepetite
Title: At Last His Grace
Author: deathjunke
Artist: lylithj2lylithj2
Pairings and Characters:
Mary/John, John/random, John/Bobby, Dean/OFC and some Pre-slash Wincest if you want to see it that way ;)

Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 26404
Beta: jonjokeat
BDSM AU, swearing, impact play, pain play, mentions of knife play, bondage, het, slash, mentions of attempted rape, some violence (because John Winchester), somewhat of an OFC (but not really because she and her panties were mentioned when Dean met 2014!Dean ;)) probably more things that I can't think of at this time.
Dean is a Sub who has been pretending to be a Dom his entire life, not even his family knows the truth. Dean's seen what the world has been like for his father since Mary died and doesn't want to be limited by his dynamic. He's strong, he takes care of his family, he hunts things that go bump in the night and saves people. Dean's the protector, he doesn't need or want to be protected he wants to live his life and not worry about what society thinks he should or should not do.
Eventually Sam finds out and tries to make Dean see that being himself, Sub and all, isn't such a bad thing.
Many thanks to my wonderfully supportive artist, lylithj2. Go lavish her with praise for her marvelous art!
And the beta who made this readable and stopped my abuse of the English language, jonjokeat.

Also availahttp://archiveofourown.org/works/566410bale on AO3

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